Gefjon – The Viking goddess

Gefjon were a goddess of Nordic mythology. She was the goddess of fertility and. Even though she was hardly any virgin, she was the protector of the women who died as a virgin.

The women who die unmarried come to her. Her task is to serve the virgin that died without experiencing a love act.

Gefjon should have lived together with Odens son Skjøld. Oden commanded her to get more land whereupon she gave up to the Swedish King Gylfe who promised her as much land as she could plow in one day.

With or without Skjøld’s knowledge, she went to the hometown of the giants, ”Jättehem”, where she became pregnant and born four giant sons. When the sons were grown up, she turned them into oxen. Together with them, she returned to King Gylfe, buckled his sons in front of a plow, and began to plow.

They plowed up a large area, the soil was carried away by giants and the area was then filled with water that created Mälaren (Sweden’s third largest lake).

With the landmasses that the giants took away, they created the island of Zealand in Denmark.

Gefjon - the Viking Goddess.
Gefjon – the Viking Goddess.

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